Furnace Maintenance Tips For The Cooler Months

Fall is here already, and with it comes months of cold weather. Your furnace is going to be working on overdrive in the season ahead to keep your house toasty. Although you get regular maintenance for your furnace throughout the rest of the year, it’s especially paramount you take care of it when you’re using it so often.

These helpful tips will tell you where to start.

1. Check Your Flame Sensor

The flame sensor, as the name suggests, lets your furnace know the level of heat it needs to provide. If this sensor gets smudged or covered in dust, it no longer runs well, which means your furnace may appear to stop running, too. 

2. Review Burner Efficiency

The furnace burner is the heat source, so if this fails, your house will be cold in no time. With a combustion analyzer, run an efficiency test on the burner. The analyzer will let you know the level of exhaust flue gasses. If these seem low, add more gas.

3. Brush off the Outer Casing of the Furnace

Both the interior and exterior of the furnace will need a dusting, but you should leave the interior cleaning to a professional. You can brush off the outer casing though. Grab a soft-tipped paintbrush for this job, and go softly. You don’t want to wedge debris further into the furnace accidentally.

4. Toss the Old Air Filter

When’s the last time you’ve put in a new furnace air filter? Hopefully it’s been within the past three months, or else you’re long overdue. When the air filter becomes dirty, the furnace has to strain harder to work, which could shorten its lifespan. Remember to make this a regular part of furnace ownership.

5. Test the Wires

The thermostat wires give an accurate reading of the furnace temperature. That said, sometimes these get loose. To make sure this doesn’t happen, give them a little yank only after turning the furnace completely off.

Need furnace maintenance? Contact the team at Vander Hyde Services today. From AC repair to heating to emergency plumbing repairs– we can help!

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