End of Summer and Start of Fall AC Inspection


After summer is over, you need to inspect your air conditioner to ensure that it is at full-functioning capacity. Considering that autumn is not as hot as summer, you will need to adjust your thermostat settings to ensure that you get a desirable interior temperature. If you don’t have your AC checked after every summer, it may not run at peak efficiency in autumn since it will have already been overworked during the hot summer temperature. Even if it manages to operate effectively, it might develop some festering problems which can lead to costly repair costs in the future. Notably, there is a right and wrong way of conducting the inspection. To ensure that you get it right, you should check the compressor amp draw, clean the coil, and flush the drain line.

Air Conditioner Inspection Basics
At the most basic level, the end of summer AC inspection and maintenance should consist of:

  • A simple integrity test for your wiring, thermostat, blower shutoff, and AC shutoff
  • Visual inspection of the electrical components, you should tighten the connections as required
  • Visual inspection of return vents and supply registers; clean blockages to ensure smooth flow
  • Replacement of the air filters at the indoor unit or return grilles
  • Flushing/cleaning the drain lines and visual inspection of the switch and drain pan.
  • Testing for safety controls and all limits
  • Cleaning and visual inspection of the condensate pump
  • Testing/inspection of contacts and capacitors, you should look for any corrosion or rust
  • Cleaning and inspection of the condenser coil
  • Visual inspection of all coils and lines, paying attention to possible disconnects and the integrity of the suction line insulation.
  • Testing of the blower motor amp draw, condenser-fan motor amp draw, and compressor amp draw.
  • Confirmation that the refrigerant charge matches the manufacturer’s standards
  • Checking temperature drop across the evaporator coil
  • Testing the static pressure of the system to look for ways of improving airflow
  • Visual inspection of the exposed ductwork to check for kinks and air leaks.

After the following inspection is conducted comprehensively, your air conditioner will be ready to carry you through autumn with maximum efficiency. If you need air conditioning repairs or need a heating repair service, contact the team at Vander Hyde Services today.