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Electrical Panel Replacement in Grand Rapids

Keep Your Property Safe with a Modern Electrical Panel

The panel is the part of your electrical system responsible for distributing power to your home’s circuits. If the wires are the veins of your electrical system, the panel is the heart, pumping out the electricity that your house runs on. It is essential that you upgrade your electrical panel ASAP if it starts malfunctioning/stops working, as the safety and functionality of your electrical system and larger home depends on it.

Fortunately, Vander Hyde Services offers electrical panel replacement in Grand Rapids backed by over 30 years of experience. Our skilled electricians offer nothing but the latest equipment from industry-leading brands, so you never have to worry about whether your electrical system is getting the best. We also offer no-cost estimates, so it never hurts to have us take a look at your electrical panel. And with 24/7 emergency service, you can always count on Vander Hyde to be there when you need us most. Remember, waiting to call for electrical replacement is unsafe for you and everyone else on your property. Call today, and let our electricians ensure your home or business has the panel it needs.

Dial (616) 319-2125 now to for expert Grand Rapids panel replacement.

When Is It Time to Replace My Electrical Panel?

The average electrical panel should last 20-30 years, so it can be easy to fall into the trap of forgetting to replace this equipment. However, there are several innate signs that will tell you it’s time for an upgrade. Do not ignore these indicators, as failing to replace your panel in a timely manner can result in electrical fires, and potentially even cause an electrocution. Fortunately, our experts have everything you need for a fast and efficient electrical panel upgrade in Grand Rapids, so your home’s electrical system always remains in great condition.

Top signs it’s time to replace your electrical panel include:

  • Burning Smells: Burning smells coming from your electrical equipment are never a good sign. Your electrical panel may have some plywood behind it, but more often than not, if you are detecting a burning smell coming from your panel it’s probably because the wires have melted to the plastic jacket. Call an electrician IMMEDIATELY if you notice this, as your panel is not safe to operate under these conditions.
  • Heat Coming off the Panel: Like with a panel that gives off a burning smell, a panel that is warm to the touch is an instant sign it’s time for a replacement. While an overheated panel should cause a circuit breaker to trip, a panel that is frequently hot to the touch poses a serious risk to your home’s safety, and always merits calling an electrician for an inspection.
  • Visible Rust: Visible rust on an electrical panel usually means some kind of water damage has occurred to it. As you surely already know, water and electricity can be a lethal combination, so if you see any rust on your panel, your first step should be to find the source of the water, and your second should be to have your panel looked at.
  • Strange Noises: Other than an occasional click when a circuit breaker is tripped, your electrical panel should operate silently. However, if you hear a buzzing noise coming from your electrical panel, it probably means there is some faulty wiring inside of it, which you will want to deal with right away.
  • Flickering Lights: Flickering lights are a telltale sign something is wrong with your electrical system—typically that something in your house is consuming an unsafe amount of power. If, however, your lights start to flicker even when you are using low-power devices, such as a toaster or a microwave, then the problem probably lies with your panel.
  • Frequently Tripped Circuit Breakers: Your circuit breakers are designed to trip when your system becomes overloaded, and power needs to be shut off in one part of your home to protect the safety of the entire household. As your electrical panel ages, it may have trouble keeping up with the power capacity of your larger system, and start shutting off the natural flow of power throughout your home. Bottom line: occasional tripped breakers are normal, but if this is happening on a regular basis, it’s probably a good idea to have an electrician take a look at your panel.
  • Fuses Instead of Circuit Breakers: While we’re talking about circuit breakers, let’s also talk about what you should do if you do not have them. Theoretically, an electrical panel that uses fuses should be just as safe as a panel that uses breakers. The problem with fuse-based electrical panels is that every time a fuse blows, you will need to get it replaced, so it is inherently more complicated than just flipping a breaker. Also, if you replace an old fuse with one that’s too small, your home may have trouble getting the power it needs, and if you replace it with one that’s too large, you may end up sending too much power to one circuit, which can lead to an electrical fire. Between this and the fact that fuse-based panels are designed to supply less power in general, replacing your current model with a breaker-supported panel is usually the way to go.
  • Lack of Outlets: Okay, in some ways, this issue may be more of a design flaw with your house than with your panel specifically. But while you could fix a lack of outlets by just using more power strips, using too many power strips is a great way to overload your system. If your house was designed with fewer outlets, that probably means your panel is not capable of supporting as many electrical devices, in which case you may want to consider installing a more powerful electrical panel.
  • Lots of Electrical Devices: Similar to the problem of not having enough outlets is the problem of having too many electrical devices. Again, while you could just plug in a power strip and call it a day, if you live in an older home, there’s a chance your electrical panel is not designed to handle many appliances—especially ones that require a great deal of power. If you have recently purchased a dishwasher or new HVAC device and are worried your home’s electrical system may not be able to support your power needs, the first thing you should do is consider upgrading your panel.
  • Age: The final and perhaps most important component in deciding whether to replace your electrical panel is age. As mentioned above, your panel may start to experience issues after 20-30 years—especially if you live in an older home with a panel that was not designed to support modern power needs. However, there is an even more important reason to consider upgrading your panel if you have been using the same one for years. Between the 1950s and 1980s, homes across America were constructed using Federal Pacific Electric and Zinsco brand panels. These products were later found to be defective, and many caused horrible house fires. If you have lived in the same house for a long time and are not sure of the age of your electrical panel, you should call an electrician for an inspection. If it turns out your home is run off a Federal Pacific Electric or Zinsco panel, you will need to have that panel replaced immediately.

Call for a Quality Electrical Panel Installation in Grand Rapids Today

At Vander Hyde Services, we are proud to offer the best in electrical panel replacement to homeowners across Western Michigan. With our various financing options and specials, we are able to accommodate customers of virtually any budget. We also have a great reputation, and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so you already know you are in great hands when you hire our electrical experts. And with warranties on parts and labor guaranteeing long-lasting work, it’s hard to get a bad deal when you hire Vander Hyde Services.

Customers trust Vander Hyde Services when they need electrical replacement in Grand Rapids, MI because:

  • We are a second generation family-owned and operated business
  • We are mindful of your home and keep things clean and professional throughout the service process
  • We go above and beyond to get the job done on-time
  • We have been delivering customer satisfaction since 1989
  • We strive to form relationships based on mutual trust and respect

To schedule panel replacement today, call (616) 319-2125, or click here to request an estimate online.


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