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Protect Your Electrical System with Vander Hyde Services

You might be able to make some plumbing repairs on your own. You can probably even fix a few problems with your HVAC system. However when it comes to electrical repairs, hiring a professional is essential. Fortunately, our electricians at Vander Hyde Services are fully licensed and insured to deliver nothing but the best work. No matter what kind of electrical issues you are having, our team is highly trained and equipped with the latest tools and technology to get the job done right.

We pride ourselves on on-time arrivals and fast service, so your electrical system always gets up and running again sooner rather than later. And with no-cost, in-person quotes for all interested homeowners, it’s no wonder Vander Hyde Services has become a go-to provider for electrical repair in Grand Rapids.

To schedule electrical repairs in Grand Rapids and across Western Michigan, call (616) 319-2125 now.

When to Call Vander Hyde Services for a Grand Rapids Electrical Repair

As we’ve already established, going the DIY route when it comes to electrical repairs is not a good idea. But when exactly is it appropriate to contact a professional? It’s important to know the signs. Watch out for electrical problems in your home, and never hesitate to call our experts at Vander Hyde Services. Remember, when it comes to electrical repair, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Top reasons to call our Grand Rapids electrical repair technicians include:

  • Failed/Sparking Outlets: Have you ever gone to plug a brand new electronic device in and found that it’s not working? If so, you could be dealing with an outlet failure. Check your circuit breaker if this happens in your home. If, after resetting your breaker, you find that your outlet still isn’t working, you may have a bigger problem on your hands. Watch out for multiple electrical outlets in the same area that have stopped working, especially if there is any black marks or singeing around them. If you notice sparks or strange, burning smells coming from outlets that aren’t working, call an electrician immediately. Most likely, you are dealing with a wiring issue in these cases—something no amateur should ever try to solve on their own.
  • Flickering Lights: Some homeowners that experience flickering lights assume they just have a faulty bulb/bulbs. In fact, flickering lights can actually be a serious issue, signaling that you’re dealing with poor electrical connections or an overloaded system. If you have noticed your lights flickering a lot lately, do not hesitate to call an electrician. Not only is this problem this annoying, it may also indicate that your home cannot sustain the amount of electricity you are using, or that you are working with old, out-of-date electrical equipment.
  • Frequent Power Outages: Frequent power outages should never be ignored, no matter where you live in the country. It is true that when the temperature rises or a storm rolls in, you are more likely to experience a blackout. However, if this happens multiple times a year – even when there are no external elements affecting your home – you should definitely call for an inspection. Your electrical panel may be overloaded by the amount of devices in your home, or it may need to be replaced entirely.

Bottom line when it comes to electrical repairs: speed is important. The longer you ignore problems like the ones listed above, the greater the chances you will end up experiencing a complete power failure, or worse, an electrical fire. At Vander Hyde Services, we are capable of performing a full range of repairs for residential properties. Contact us today for wiring services to keep lighting and other electrical features across your property functional. We also offer panel replacements, to ensure the safety and performance of your entire system. And with upgrades for everything from outlets to circuit breakers, you’ll never need to hire another Grand Rapids electrical repair company as long as you’ve got Vander Hyde Services.

Don’t Let Cutting-Edge Electronics Go to Waste, Call Vander Hyde Services for Quality Repairs

To get the most out of your electrical system, make sure to always call Vander Hyde Services for necessary repairs. Our electricians are committed to providing affordable services for everybody. With excellent reviews from customers across the area and an A+ from the Better Business Bureau, you can count on our work to live up to its reputation. And with 24/7 emergency service, there’s never a bad time to call Vander Hyde Services for electrical repairs in Grand Rapids, MI.

Customers trust our electrical repair pros at Vander Hyde Services because:

  • We offer warranties on parts and labor
  • We are a family-owned and operated business
  • We have been delivering customer satisfaction since 1989

Call (616) 319-2125 now to request an electrical repair, or click here to ask for a quote online.

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