How Can I Safely Clean My AC Unit?

woman and ac

Cleaning your air conditioner unit will help save money in the long run on power bills.

Most air conditioners will have a condenser outside and an evaporator inside. Start with the condenser outside.

To safely start cleaning your AC unit, turn off the electrical power to the condenser unit at the outdoor shutoff.

Once you vacuum away debris, straighten the fins and clean the fan and fins, you should be able to safely restore power to the outside and move inside. However, keep in mind that your compressor might require a special startup procedure when you turn on the air conditioner. One of the pipes should feel cold and the other should feel warm. If the temperature is off, consult a professional.

After you finish with the condenser, go inside to clean the furnace or blower. Make sure to turn the power off for this part as well. It is important to keep the airstream from the blower clean so you do not run into any problems. You have to do this by vacuuming out the compartment or by changing the filter. Your owner’s manual will list the filter type, but you can take the old one with you to the store so you get the right size. Also, keep the power to the unit off when you remove the filter. You will find tubes that drain the condensation. Some tubes will be easy to clean and can be pulled off, while some you have to unscrew or cut off and then re-glue using a coupling.

Clean your air conditioner when it’s at least 60 degrees outside so you can test it afterward. If you notice any leaks don’t try to stop them yourself by tightening a joint. This may make the problem worse. Remember to also keep the outdoor condenser free of debris. Remove any weeds or bushes that restrict airflow.

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