How Often Should Your AC Unit Be Inspected?


Having your air conditioner break down during the summer can lead to miserable days and sleepless nights. You need to make sure the air conditioner is properly maintained to avoid preventable breakdowns. The best way to make sure it is properly maintained is by doing an inspection of the parts of the air conditioner every so often. The question is when is “every so often”? Here is a brief overview of when to check the parts of the air conditioner.

Before the Summer Season Starts

You should do a complete inspection before the summer season begins. You want to check the air filter to make sure is clean. You should check the electrical connections inside the air conditioner to look for any corrosion or rust that could interfere with the electrical operation of the air conditioner. The fan motor should be turned on to make sure it is working well. You also want to clean and remove any debris from the condenser coils on the outside of the unit to ensure you have proper airflow to cool down the air going into your home.

After Storms

Winds storms can blow a lot of debris around and that debris can get blown into your air conditioner. You should go out and inspect the air conditioner for any damage after a heavy wind or dust storm to make sure the unit didn’t get damaged or clogged up with debris. This is especially important if you didn’t cover up the coils before a dust storm or you ran the air conditioner when the storm was raging outside.

Air Filter

Filters should be inspected at least once a month at the end of spring and the start of summer. Dust is not the only thing that clogs up air filters. You also have to be careful about pollen – especially in late spring and early summer when plants are releasing the pollen into the air. As the hot season progresses, you will usually only have to inspect the air filters every couple of months.

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