There Is No Hot Air Coming Out Of My Home Furnace-What Is The Issue?

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You come home from work on a chilly winter evening. Instead of expecting a warm and cozy home, you are faced with a chilly interior. What’s the issue? Was a window left open? Is there a draft somewhere? You hear your furnace running but notice the air isn’t hot–what could be the issue? There could be numerous reasons why your furnace is blowing out air that’s not hot and we are here to address a few of them.

Your Thermostat

This is a more common issue with a simple solution. Many homeowners have their thermostat fan setting to “on” rather than “auto.” Keeping the thermostat fan “on” will allow the fan to continuously run without providing heat. When you switch the thermostat to “auto” this allows the fan to run only when the furnace is running.

Pilot Light

Is your furnace older? It most likely has a continuous pilot light. The pilot light may have gone out which is causing the cooler air. It could’ve gone out from something as simple as a gust of air. If you feel comfortable, relight the pilot light (instructions are usually on the furnace) if not, call an HVAC professional.

Does your furnace have an ignition system? The problem for cold air blowing out could be an issue with the ignition system. This means the furnace isn’t lighting the fuel and it won’t heat your home. Ignition systems usually need to be replaced by a certified technician to ensure it’s being installed correctly.

Overheated Furnace

A furnace that has overheated could be reason #1 why you’re feeling cold air. Changing the dirty filter can actually help solve this issue. Restricted airflow caused by a dirty filter can cause your furnace to shut off the burners. Try changing your furnace’s air filter and restarting the unit and see if that fixes the issue.

Remember that constant overheating can actually cause major damage to the furnace’s heat exchanger. Once the issue reaches the heat exchanger, then it’s time for a new furnace.

Don’t wait until it’s too cold! If you need furnace maintenance services, contact the expert team at Vander Hyde Services today.