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The Importance of an Annual AC and Furnace Tune-Up

The Importance of an Annual AC and Furnace Tune-Up

HVAC unit

When it comes to annual maintenance checks, people tend to shrug off this task – but it’s more important than you think. In order to maintain the performance and longevity of an HVAC unit, annual tune-ups are a must.

To ensure your AC is running properly, springtime is the best time to have a licensed HVAC professional check it out. The unit will be checked for general functionality including looking at fan placement and blade wear. The service professional will clean the condenser and check the system for any leaks. AC units should last for fifteen years with regular maintenance – failure to service the unit can cut the lifespan in half!

For a furnace, it’s best to have it checked in the fall to be ready for the snowfall that's slowly but surely right around the corner. The service professional will check for functionality and look for any damaged or corroded circuits. The combustion gas and airflow will also be checked to ensure none of the dangerous gases are leaking into the house. Carbon monoxide builds up during the heating process and the furnace venting system needs to be checked for leaks or wear; after this is complete, the unit will be cleaned and ready for the winter.

Such important appliances seem like they would not need much attention. However, both systems can develop small “miss calibrations” that, if caught early, can be repaired before the unit is damaged beyond repair. Annual maintenance of HVAC systems will also:

  • lower your energy bills
  • Require fewer repairs
  • Enhance the safety of operating it

If you haven’t done so already this fall, schedule your furnace system maintenance today! For the help of an expert heating service contractor or air conditioning contractor, contact Vander Hyde Services today.