5 Pros of a High Velocity Cooling System in Michigan

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A high-velocity cooling system (HVC system) works similarly to HVAC units. A heat pump or compressor outside spreads hot or cold air through the house using ducts and vents. However, that’s where the similarities end. Instead of large vents, HVC systems use tubing that’s two inches in diameter and very flexible to disperse air. Likewise, the vents that release the air are only five inches around. To compensate for their small size, the air moves with the help of a high-velocity air handler. There are just the basics, but there are plenty of reasons to purchase a high-velocity cooling system in Michigan.

Here are five positives about using a high-velocity cooling system in Michigan:

Less conspicuous

With many temperature control systems, you’ll have large, metallic ducts in parts of your house. These often take up space and can heavily clash with a room’s decor. The mini-ducts that an HVC system uses are much smaller and inconspicuous. This makes them much more aesthetically pleasing. Similarly, the small vents are also small enough to not be eyesores and can be placed in hard-to-notice places.

Great for retrofitting

If you want to use modern temperature systems, you have to have vents and ducts in your house. Unfortunately, older homes don’t have any of these. Because of this, you’ll have to pay through the nose to retrofit your old house. HVC systems don’t require you to add ducts or do any other heavy remodeling to your house. This is great for older homes or those with more unique designs.

Faster and cheaper

An HVAC system’s high-velocity air handler lets the system cool rooms quicker than other systems. Because of this, you can get your home cool much quicker. In addition, the tubing’s smaller surface area means it loses less temperature through its walls. That means they’re more efficient and thus cost less in energy bills than regular vents.

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Improved dehumidifying

While having dry air in your home isn’t nice, too much humidity isn’t good either. Overly humid air can cause wood to warp, more mold, and respiratory problems. HVC systems remove 30% more air than a low-velocity mini-duct system.

Quick to install

If you move into a new house and it has no cooling, you’ll want to get it installed right away. With most systems, you’ll have to get ducts and vents installed, and that can take way too long if it’s the middle of summer! Meanwhile, HVC systems require little, if any, renovation and are about a third of the size of conventional units. Because of this, you can quickly get your cooling online without gutting your home.

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