5 Benefits of Geothermal Cooling in Grand Rapids

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Geothermal energy is a renewable energy that comes from heat deep within the Earth. However, it’s not limited to being used by big power plants. Heat pumps are capable of capturing this energy and using it to cool your home. While it has a high upfront cost, geothermal cooling in Grand Rapids has a variety of benefits. Even if you don’t have a huge backyard, you can still reap the benefits of a heat pump fueled by geothermal energy!

Here are five benefits of using geothermal cooling in Grand Rapids:


Geothermal energy is one of several sources of renewable energy and a highly reliable one at that. The energy gets extracted from the Earth without using fossil fuels and is a highly reliable source of energy. It also doesn’t emit carbon monoxide or greenhouse gasses. This makes them a very eco-friendly choice for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint.


Unlike other renewable energy sources like solar or wind energy, geothermal energy is a constant source of renewable energy. This means you’ll have constant energy and not have to worry about external circumstances that can take away your energy.

Highly efficient

On average, geothermal heat pump systems use 30-50%  less electricity than other heating and cooling systems. In addition, their flexible design makes them adjustable for different situations. This means that they take up less space than other temperature systems.


Geothermal systems only have a few moving parts that are sheltered by a building. Because of this, these temperature systems have a pretty long lifespan. Geothermal heat pumps last around 20-30 years while underground pipes are known to last around 50 years.


Geothermal heat pumps use thermal energy sourced from underground instead of burning fossil fuels. This means you won’t have to worry about a variety of health and safety issues. Combustible gasses, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other toxic fumes are a thing of the past with geothermal energy.

Why choose Vander Hyde to install my geothermal heat pump?

Geothermal heat pumps are still a relatively new technology, and not many home service companies offer that kind of service. Luckily, here at Vander Hyde, we’re able to offer geothermal technology to people around Grand Rapids, MI. With over 30 years of experience, we feel that we’re up to the task of installing geothermal cooling in Grand Rapids. If you want to know if your home can support a geothermal heat pump, call Vander Hyde for a consultation today!

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