Why Your AC Condenser Needs Yearly Service

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Why Your AC Condenser Needs Yearly Service

Many home air conditioners are made up of two main parts (although there are others that contribute to the entire system): the condenser unit and the evaporator unit. Each unit serves a unique purpose in creating and distributing cool air around your home.

For this blog, we’ll be talking about the condenser; we’ll discuss how it works and why maintenance is so crucial to keeping it running smoothly. A well-functioning and efficient air conditioner means a cool home and less money spent on energy (and repairs).

DIY Maintenance

While you should always schedule a yearly service for your air conditioner, there are things you can do in between those appointments to make sure your AC is running properly. First, make sure to change out your air filters when they get dirty. Clogged or dirty air filters reduce airflow from your AC and cause it to work harder to cool your home. This bumps up your energy bill and can also lead to more serious problems with your unit.

You can also clean your outdoor AC unit to make sure there is no debris blocking the air vents or fan. Try to cut back any foliage that might be encroaching on your unit so there’s less of a chance of interference.

Your Yearly Service

By having a professional look at your system each year (ideally, before the summer season begins), you can realize a host of benefits, not just for your unit, but for your entire home.

  • Fewer repairs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Better airflow and air quality
  • Inspection of electrical wires and connections
  • Longer life for your unit

When you get a professional service on your air conditioner, you can have peace of mind that your system is running at peak performance while also preventing headaches in the future.

Reliable AC Maintenance in Grand Rapids

For the best air conditioner maintenance in Grand Rapids, your only choice is Vander Hyde Services. Contact us today at (616) 319-2125 to schedule your comprehensive AC condenser service!

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