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Preventing Freezing Pipes

Preventing Freezing Pipes

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If there’s a warm day in the middle of winter, it may be time to inspect your pipes to prevent them from freezing. Take precautionary measures can help prevent future issues down the roads. Here are a few tips to help prevent your pipes from freezing:

Tip #1
Be sure to insulate the pipes with slip-on foam pipe insulation, insulation sleeves or wrapping. Be sure to not leave any gaps without the added insulation as the cold air can impact the pipes in these small spaces. It’s important to note that plastic piping is more prone to freezing than copper or steel pipes.

Tip #2
Ensure that all visible cracks are sealed by inspecting the exterior of the property. Cold air can seep in through these open cracks and once it has entered inside–the pipes will begin to freeze. You can seal these cracks by using caulk or spray foam.

Tip #3
Make sure there is a heating source that is well maintained in the building. This can also help prevent pipes from freezing.

Tip #4
Even if it’s really chilly outside, be sure to let the water drip from the faucet that’s served by the exposed pipes. Running water through the pipes is a sure way to prevent them from freezing–even if it’s a slight trickle.

These are just a few ricks to ensure that your pipes don’t freeze once old man winter comes around. Contact the team at Vander Hyde Services today for all your plumbing needs!