5 Benefits From Getting a Furnace Inspection


At Vander Hyde Services, we’ve been working to make sure Michigan homeowners will be ready for the winter. We’re capable of helping you ensure your boiler is up to snuff or get your AC shut down and protected. However, we’re also capable of helping you out if you happen to own a furnace. Your furnace can get a bit unreliable as it collects dust over the summer, so it’s a good idea to give it an inspection before the winter. By doing so, you can be certain that your heat will be working during the coldest storms.

Here are five ways a furnace inspection will benefit you this winter:

Save money and avoid large repairs

The maintenance work we do during our furnace inspections will cost you a bit. However, it’s nothing compared to the price of a complete furnace replacement or major repairs. Our inspections let us find and prevent problems that could ruin your furnace. Preventing these problems will let you stay warm this winter without paying through the nose. 

Order a furnace replacement if needed

Most homeowners won’t know the exact age of their furnace. That’s why we suggest calling us to help you with furnace maintenance. When we help you with your furnace, we can determine its age and if a replacement is necessary. Getting a replacement model may be the best option for dealing with the winter weather.

Avoid gas leaks

Keeping your furnace healthy is a good idea, but it’s especially important for gas models. Neglected gas furnaces can leak deadly and odorless carbon monoxide. You may also have to deal with flammable gasses that can easily cause a house fire.

Better energy efficiency

The Department of Energy estimates that about half of a furnace owner’s energy usage comes from using the furnace. Getting maintenance from our company can help you optimize your furnace’s energy usage. You’ll see your furnace’s energy usage drop by about 30% if you get service from us.

Extend your furnace’s life

You always want to ensure your appliances are in good condition. If you don’t give your furnace regular maintenance, it’ll die out quicker, and you likely spent a lot of money on your new furnace. Poorly-maintained furnaces are also more prone to breakdowns that will require costly repairs.

What makes Vander Hyde my best choice for keeping my heating online?

Locally owned and operated for over 30 years, Vander Hyde in Grand Rapids, MI is the contractor to call for prompt professional service and installation of plumbing heating, cooling, electrical and low voltage systems. Vander Hyde offers the value of exceptional product lines, warranties, preventative maintenance, and 24-hour service. Powered by the expertise of highly trained professionals that are licensed and insured, we do the right things, for the right reason, every time. Call Vander Hyde today to learn more about our furnace services.

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