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4 Simple Steps to Shut Down Your AC

4 Simple Steps to Shut Down Your AC


With only two months left until winter officially starts, it’s time to put our cooling systems away. It’s only a matter of time until the snow starts to fall, and that snow can be hazardous for your AC’s condenser. If you don’t know how to properly shut down your AC, the condenser might get ruined and unusable next summer. Fortunately, we can help teach you the best way to protect your AC and its condenser from the winter weather.

Here’s a four-step process to shut down your AC and its condenser:

Finish any last repairs

Before you start shutting things down, you should ensure the AC and the condenser are in good condition. Check them both over along with their filters and seals, and then call us if you need any repair work done. Ignoring the damage and letting it linger over the winter will only result in your AC’s condition worsening.

Cut off the condenser’s power

You can simply shut off the AC, but the condenser requires more work than that. As long as it has access to power, it can turn itself on if there’s a warm spell during the winter. This can be dangerous as it’ll suck in ice and snow, causing damage to the condenser. You’ll need to disconnect the condenser by shutting off the breaker switch. You’ll often find it on the side of your house or under a flip-up switch near the condenser. Don’t forget about this switch, however! You’ll have to turn it back on next summer when you want to use the AC.

Clean the condenser and its area

With one of the more important steps finished, now’s the time to do some cleaning. Take a broom and clean away any debris near or on the condenser. Next, use a low-pressure spray from your hose to clean off the outside shelf. Make sure to double-check the condenser for damage as it dries off. At this point, if you see any damage, just let our professional know next time you have us help you with a home service issue.

Cover the condenser

Finally, with the condenser dried off, cover it up with a water-proof cover and tightly secure it with some bungee ropes. If you don’t have a cover, a water-proof tarp will work as long as it completely covers the condenser. You can find all of these things at your local hardware store.

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