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5 Reasons to Order a Water Heater Replacement

5 Reasons to Order a Water Heater Replacement

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With winter nearly here, hot water will be something homeowners will want to keep in working order. However, having your water heater break down can mean losing out on hot showers. When your water heater gets dangerously worn out, sometimes the best option is to get a replacement. However, many signs a water heater should be retired can go unnoticed if you don’t know what to look for.

Here are five signs that your water heater is due for a professional replacement:

Rust in your water

Older water heaters are prone to rusting from the inside out, especially if the anode rod isn’t regularly replaced. When water heaters rust, your hot water can become discolored and taste strange due to the rust in it. However, keep in mind that the problem might be with your plumbing pipes if your cold water is also rusty. An easy way to tell if your water heater is the problem is to drain some water from the tank and see how much rusty water you get.

No/little hot water

What good is your water heater if it doesn’t provide hot water? There’s no single reason your water heater isn’t heating your water properly. Maybe the winter weather is freezing some pipes and cooling the heated water. There’s also the possibility that the pilot light or circuit breaker needs some work done. If your water heater was a recent purchase, it’s possible you bought one that’s too small to provide enough hot water for your home. Whatever the reason, our plumbing experts can help you identify the problem and provide a replacement if necessary.

Old age

Very few things get better with age, and water heaters aren’t one of them. As they get older, water heaters become more prone to breakdowns, and the breakdowns they do suffer are more likely to be permanent. Most water heaters last ten to fifteen years if cared for properly, so start making plans when yours is approaching the double digits. Don’t know when yours was made and installed? Check the serial number and the manufacturer’s website for information.

Strange noises and sediment damage

You’ll likely hear some slight noises from a running water heater, but you should keep an ear out for loud crackling and popping noises. Those are signs that a dangerous amount of sediment is building up in your tank. When sediment builds up, it can make your water heater inefficient and eventually cause it to crack, requiring a full replacement. The best way to deal with sediment is to give your water heater’s tank regular flushing and cleaning.

Leaks and cracks

A cracked or leaking water heater tank is one that needs a replacement ASAP. Regularly checking the water heater’s tank can help you find leaks before they become more serious. Be aware that certain other parts of your water heater can leak. If the fittings, connections, or the temperature-pressure-release-valve are leaking, one of our plumbers can fix the leak easily without doing a full replacement.

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