How to Prepare Your AC Unit for the Summer

AC on backyard

The heat of summer impacts your methods of keeping your home cool. On many days during the summer months, you are likely to use your air conditioning unit to cool down space and keep your home comfortable. While you want to enjoy the cooler temperatures from the AC, you also need to prepare the unit for the upcoming work of keeping the temperature cool.

Replace the Filters

A key part of preparing for the hot summer weather is replacing the filters on your AC unit. A clean filter allows air to flow through the AC and cool the space. When dust and grime fill the filter from months of idling and the previous summer, it reduces airflow and causes the unit to put the dirt back into your air.

Check the Outdoor Panels

Central AC units or outdoor units have protective panels. Before turning on the unit, check the panels. Since weather conditions during the autumn, winter and spring months may change the alignment of the panels or completely remove the panels, you want to check for any problems.

If necessary, replace the outdoor panels. As a general rule, a qualified professional should evaluate any damaged or missing panels to ensure electrical systems were not damaged.

Clean the Coil

The condenser coils allow the fan in the AC unit to move easily. When the coil is dirty or covered in grime from dust or outdoor conditions, it harms the function of the unit. Clean the coils before turning on the unit. If the coils were damaged, then replace the coils.

Air conditioning units require preparation before powering through the hot temperatures of summer. Depending on the condition of your unit, it may be necessary to work with an experienced professional to keep the unit in proper working condition or to limit risks when problems arise. A technician checks for common problems and cleans different parts to improve the quality of your indoor air.

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