Signs That Signal Your AC Unit Is Failing

ac unit outside

Sometimes you just know that your AC unit is failing, while other times the symptoms can be more subtle or gradual in the way they present. Being aware of these six signs can help you spot a problem early and perhaps save money on repairs or replacement costs.

1. Not cooling.

The AC unit runs without issue, but it doesn’t cool well. It may be so gradual at first but at some point, you notice that your system is not doing the job anymore. This symptom could be caused by a failing compressor or low levels of Freon.

2. Loud or unusual noises.

High-pitched squealing noises may indicate a belt or bearing is the culprit.
Rattling or banging could mean that the problem a loose part in the blower or motor.
Repeated clicking noises usually are heard near the control panel may point to a defective electrical relay.

3. Poor airflow.

If you are experiencing less air coming out of the vents, the source may be a bad compressor, blower or potentially blocked ductwork.

4. Thermostat issues.

Sometimes it‘s hard to tell if a problem lies in the thermostat as it can mimic other problems. However, there is one symptom that always points to the thermostat. If the air condoning unit continues to run after the set temperature has been achieved and you find yourself having to switch the unit off manually, it is likely a faulty thermostat.

5. Moisture.

Condensation is normal but if you notice moisture or water pooling in areas it may be the sign of a blockage somewhere in the drainage system or cooling chambers. If left untreated this could cause damage to the system, so don’t just mop up, call an expert.

6. Odors.

This problem could indicate a build-up of mold or bacteria in your system or ductwork. Yearly maintenance of cleaning both the ductwork and the evaporator coil will help prevent this. While this symptom doesn’t mean that the system is failing it could be costly to have fixed if allowed to progress.

Most AC problems can be repaired before they damage your system enough to necessitate replacement. Keep an eye and ear out for the tell-tale symptoms and schedule routine maintenance and inspections.

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