Why Are My Pipes Making Noise?


Domestic plumbing should be kept as silent as possible. Noises arising from your plumbing system can be disturbing, but they may not necessarily mean something is seriously wrong with it. Several reasons cited to cause noise in pipes are discussed below.

Hydraulic shock

Commonly referred by experts as a water hammer effect, the phenomenon is usually caused by a sudden change in water direction. Hydraulic shock can be characterized by rattling noises, vibrations, and even sharp screeching noises. The noise is particularly pronounced when large water consumers such as dishwashers and washing machines are in use. This problem can be fixed by the installation of air chambers at strategic regions in the plumbing system.

Loose pipes

Piping systems need to be strapped against walls properly to help minimize vibration resulting from the friction of the water rushing through the pipes. This can be fixed by turning off all the water valves and then locating the loose pipe straps before tightening the nuts or replacing them with bigger and stronger ones.

High water pressure

Water pressure should be monitored closely to maintain the required threshold. When the pressure is set at a higher than average level and directed to appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, the water can cause excessive vibration and loud banging noises. The water may also leak into the internal components of the appliances and lead to massive destruction and even fires breakouts. You are advised to install pressure regulators at strategic points and always maintain the water pressure between 50-80 PSI.

By observing these recommendations, you have a better chance of minimizing or even wholly eradicating the noises emanating from your piping system.

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