Why Annual Furnace Maintenance Is Important

furnace maintenance

Nobody wants to find out in the middle of a very cold night that their furnace has problems, especially if they could have been avoided with an annual furnace checkup. Not only does annual maintenance of your furnace help keep it running smoothly when you need it most, but it can also save you money on more costly repairs down the road, and protect your family against harmful gasses.

Keeping the Heat On

Professionals who maintain furnaces take care of many things, such as checking your thermostat settings, inspecting connections, and testing the voltage to help prevent future furnace failures. They also lubricate the moving parts of your furnace, to help protect it against sudden breakdowns from jams. During an annual furnace maintenance check, a professional will also change the filter and check all the startup and shutdown controls to make sure everything is working properly. Like servicing a car, taking care of your furnace can help make sure it starts and stops when it’s supposed to, runs smoothly, and doesn’t conk out on you when you’re really counting on it.

Saving Money In the Long Run

Annual furnace maintenance is inexpensive, particularly when compared to the price of replacing parts to get your furnace running again if it does break down. Most of these more expensive service calls can be eliminated if you take care of your furnace every year. If you neglect your furnace too long, you may have to replace the system entirely, and possibly face damage to your home from a faulty furnace system that causes fires or other damage.

Protecting Your Family

Furnaces that are not properly maintained may leak carbon monoxide. This gas is odorless and invisible, so it is very hard to detect. Carbon monoxide not only causes problems such as headaches, dizziness, and nausea, this poisonous gas kills about 500 people each year.

Have your furnace maintained every year and make sure your family not only stays warm but stays safe. The initial cost is more than covered by preventing expensive problems in the future.

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