Signs You Have a Busted Thermostat

A woman holding a manual thermostat on the wall with a man leaning on a counter in the background

3 Signs of a Busted Thermostat

When your heating or cooling system isn’t working properly, it can be tough deciding where to start your investigation. Is it the thermostat or the unit itself? (Or do you just have a window open letting all the heat out?)

Since it can be tough to diagnose, we put together a few signs that your thermostat is the one to blame.

1. Mechanical Issues

If your thermostat is blank or not turning on, it’s likely an issue with the unit. Similarly, if there are any issues with the thermostat turning off automatically, buttons not operating properly, or the device is unresponsive, it should be addressed.

2. Poor Communication

Your thermostat is constantly “talking” with your HVAC system, telling it when to turn on and off. Without being able to properly transfer information (the room temperature, the goal temperature, and other factors), your system won’t run efficiently.

Here are some examples of communication issues that may indicate a thermostat malfunction:

  • Turning on the fan with no response.
  • Changing the temperature and the system doesn’t turn on.
  • The wrong system responds even though the switch is correct.

3. Performance Problems

Performance issues are harder to pin on the thermostat, although there are some performance problems that do stem from this device. If you have a zoning system and only one thermostat is exhibiting issues, the device may be to blame.

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