Common Spots Where Heat Will Escape

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Common Spots Where Heat Will Escape

Energy efficiency isn’t just about using energy-smart appliances and the right kind of fuel. It’s also about preserving what energy is created for as long as possible. Therefore, it’s hard to have an efficient home when energy is constantly lost.

The Attic

Your attic is usually unfurnished and, therefore, has more contact with the outside world than other parts of the house. You likely don’t heat it, but heat rises, so as you heat your home, the warm air will continue to rise through the ceiling and through your attic.

In your attic, insulation is key to help prevent heat loss. Even though your home is warm, it needs to stay warm in order to reduce your heating costs. Improving or adding insulation in your attic will make a big difference.

Around Doors & Windows

Your doors and windows are essentially giant holes in your home that have been plugged up by wood or glass structures. And while you may have doors and windows that fit perfectly, there is still plenty of room for gaps and openings that will let warm air escape.

To combat this, do a seasonal inspection of your doors and windows to make sure the sides are sealed. Reapply caulking as necessary. You can also add weatherstripping to make sure contact points are completely sealed.

Poorly Insulated Walls

Wall insulation is not an easily adjustable part of your home. Older homes will have much different quality insulation than newer homes. If your home is older or you feel your system is constantly needing to supply warm air, speak with your local HVAC professional about whether improving insulation would be a good idea.

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