How to Cool Down Your Energy Bill This Summer

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It’s easy to understand why so many people love summer: going to BBQs, lounging at the beach, reading a book by the pool, going on vacation, the list goes on. In the summer, life just seems to slow down a little bit. But as life slows down, your energy bill can start creeping up. Follow these 6 tips to help reduce your energy bill in the summer.

  • Turn your thermostat up. Even just one degree can make a difference. And on that note, only cool areas you will be using, and only cool them when you’re home.
  • Use a ceiling fan, but only when someone is occupying the room. This can make you feel cooler without actually turning the temperature down.
  • Use blinds to block the sun. Better yet, plant deciduous trees (the ones that lose their leaves) on the east and west sides of your house. It may take a few years to feel the effect, but this will help cool your house in the summer when the trees have their leaves. In the winter, this allows the sun to come through to warm your house up.
  • Avoid using the stove, oven, and clothes dryer. Summer is a great time to grill your food and line dry your clothes. Not only does your house stay cooler because it is not getting the heat from the dryer, but you are also not using electricity to run the dryer.
  • Spend more time in the lower levels of your house, such as a finished basement, where you may not even need air conditioning.
  • On cool nights, turn the air conditioning off and use a window fan.

Even following just one of these steps can help keep you -and your energy bill- cool this summer.

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