4 Problems Caused by Power Outages

flashlight on floor during blackout

Imagine a world without any electricity, one where your connection to the outside world is connected through a cable wire. A power outage is a living reminder that our world runs on power, and with its absence, we tend to freak out.

Power outages can result and lead to several problems. When power outages occur, they lead to many issues, including wasted food and spoiled medication. Lack of electricity can be even worse when you rely on your AC or heater to keep comfortable.

Here are 4 common problems that are caused by power outages and how to avoid them.

Lack of Heat

In times like this, when heat waves are on the rise and cold upfronts are more vital than ever, making sure you and your household maintain a decent temperature environment is essential.

With Michiganders expected to prepare for overnight storms continuously, parents struggle to ensure that their kids are safe, warm, and prepared for what’s to come. In 2021, temperatures dropped as low as -21 degrees in Michigan -- when the weather is that cold, you need your heater working!

In addition, those away from their parents in college in different cities are worried about their loved ones being safe and are waiting by the phone for any updates in case phone chargers go dead. The loss of communication here is an aspect of power outages that can lead to stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, and many cases.

Lack of AC

For those houses in hotter states, having air conditioning is crucial in maintaining day-to-day functions. Furthermore, heat can be dangerous and deadly. Heat waves can result in many health problems, unhealthy air quality, and even death in extreme cases, and can cause bacteria to grow in hotter climates.

This Weather Channel article further highlights some injuries and incidents that are caused by excessive heat.

Standby generators allow you to enjoy the luxury of functioning in heated or cold conditions and prepare for stricter situations like extended power outages.

Wasted Food

Most products purchased from stores require a cool temperature to maintain their expiration date. According to the Food Safety for Power Outages, CDC, a fridge during a power outage can keep food stored for up to 4 hours before it starts to go bad. With a loss of power, your frozen and refrigerated food is more likely to be wasted and marked as unsafe to consume.

In cold front states such as Michigan, during storms and sleet weather, a power outage can vary and last up to a couple of days or even weeks. When a winter power outage prevents you from preserving fruits and veggies, your healthy eating habits can go downhill. Before you know it, you'll feel more sluggish due to a lack of nutrients.

A solution to this problem is to always be prepared, and with standby generators, this task can be made easy. By having a generator that starts up automatically when an outage occurs, you are already one step ahead of everyone else. Standby generators will offer you peace of mind knowing that by the time electrical companies figure out the problem, you and your wellbeing are in check and ready for what’s next to come.

Spoiled Medication

Some individuals have health conditions that require refrigerated medication. Failure to maintain those refrigerated conditions can lead to more severe health problems and, in some instances, fatal results.

Standby generators allow your house to run on the power you and your loved ones can rely on, ensuring your comfort and health are first served, no matter the circumstance.

Power Your Family Can Rely On

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